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Select the subscription option from below that best fits your needs. 

Looking for subscriptions better suited for restaurants? We got those too. Get in touch!

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At checkout you’ll be asked to choose your preferred drop-spot location/day. If you’ve chosen the 1/4 Flat Living Micro Box, you’ll also be asked to select your microgreen varieties.

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After you sign up, we’ll contact you via email within 1-3 days to confirm the details of your order. Microgreens are grown-to-order & most subscriptions will start ~10-14 days from the day you sign up.

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We currently offer 2 drop-spot locations/days for you to pick up your microgreens subscriptions.

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Most IDeal
for Home

Weekly pick-up at a conveniently located drop-spots.

Option A

Living Micro

Your weekly dose of zero-waste, high-quality,
longer-lasting nutrition!

A whole 1/4 flat of Grown-to-Order LIVING microgreens!

Packaged in a 100% home-compostable paper box.
No single-use plastics or
commercially-compostable bioplastics.

Choose up to 2 staple microgreen varieties.

1/4 Flat Living
Micro Box

- most ideal for home -
$ 38 $9.50 per week
Save up to 52%*

1/4 Flat Living
Micro Box

- most ideal for home -
$ 108 $9 per week
save up to 55%*

Option B

Micro Farm
& Flower Box

A farmer's choice mix of PRE-CUT microgreens, micro herbs, & beautiful seasonal edible flowers.

Packaged in a compostable clamshell.

Stays fresh for 10-14+ days.

Experience the change of the seasons with each box.

Micro Farm
& Flower Box

- most ideal for home -
$ 57 $14.25 per week
SAVE up to 28%*

Micro Farm
& Flower Box

- most ideal for home -
$ 162 $13.50 per week
save up to 32%*

We're growing goodness!

Our Microgreen Varieties

Not just a garnish. More than just nutrient dense.
Microgreens are Nature's ultimate functional food!

Staple Microgreens

Tried & true, loved by all, try these staples in sandwiches, salads, smoothies, & more:

Red Lace Mustard
Red Rambo Radish
Sugar Snap Pea

Specialty Microgreens

When an extra pop of flavor, eye-catching color, or visual texture is called for, try:

& More!

edible pansy flowers

Not into subscriptions?

We offer a variety of a la carte microgreen & edible flower options to meet your needs.

Pre-order to pick up at one of our convenient weekly drop spots or visit us at the farmer's market.

Ordering for a restaurant? We'll deliver to you on Friday of each week.

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

LIVING microgreens are alive! They’re still attached to the same life-giving soil they were grown in, allowing you to harvest as little or as many microgreens as you want at a time.

We switched from serving only pre-cut microgreens to offering mostly LIVING microgreens at the start of 2024. Why? 2 reasons:

1. Better for the Planet! – We can easily package them in 100% home-compostable paper packaging. No single-use plastics, no bio-plastics that can only be composted in commercial facilities, no waste.

2. Better for You! – As soon as microgreens are cut, their nutrient quality begins to decline. Many studies have shown that after produce is harvested, its nutrient quality declines as much as 50-80% within as little as 3 days.

We do offer both pre-cut & LIVING microgreens. If you’re looking for maximum nutrition & the highest antioxidant content over convenience, give LIVING microgreens a try!

We recommend placing your living microgreens in a well-lit location. If you have a sunny windowsill or a countertop that gets bright light, perfect! Avoid areas that get long periods of direct sun.

You’ll only need to water your microgreens if the soil begins to look dry. Depending on the environment they’re in & how fast you consume them, you might not ever need to water them!

If you do need to water: 

– For LIVING microgreens in compostable paper boxes, you can slide the top tray onto a plate & pour a little water onto the plate for the microgreens to absorb from the bottom up.

Always bottom water & try to avoid getting the microgreens wet.

Alternatively, you could always harvest your microgreens & store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

We offer 2 weekly pick-up options: 

1. Fridays, 12-4pm at our farm in Fairview 

2. Saturdays, 9am-noon at our booth at the Black Mountain Tailgate Market

Please allow a minimum of 10 days from the time you sign up for your subscription until your weekly pick-up starts. Our microgreens are grown-to-order.

Should we be able to start your subscription sooner, we’ll let you know.

Still have questions?

Email us at [email protected]