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We’re on a big mission to help expand the perception of herbalism beyond just using herbs to how nourishing a deeper relationship with plants can benefit your whole being & every aspect of your life.

→ We grow potent medicinal herbs for your own medicine-making adventures. 

→ We make herbal products with the best ingredients to nourish & support your healing. 

→ We craft beautiful dried medicinal herb hangers to bring the medicine of Earth’s beauty to your spaces. 

→ We grow edible flowers & microgreens to help amp up the medicine on your plates.

Herbal Medicine

Bulk Herbs for the Herbalist

Medicinal herbs cultivated, harvested, dried, & processed entirely by hand on our farm! 

We harvest our herbs at peak potency, never mill, & guarantee that the delicate, aromatic, & therapeutic integrity of your medicine is always preserved.

Good medicine starts with good ingredients.

Herbalist-Formulated Products

Herbal remedies crafted in-house from the abundant diversity of organic botanicals & mushrooms we cultivate on our farm.

Our herbalist-formulated remedies are crafted from only the freshest, most potent ingredients, forever & always. 

Beyond herbal medicine

Edible Flowers

Gorgeous edible flowers harvested fresh-to-order to instantly elevate any culinary creation.

We grow over 15 varieties of beautiful edible flowers for your plates, cocktail & mocktail glasses, cakes & pastries, & more.

Our flower philosophy: Eat the flowers. They go with everything. Beauty is it’s own medicine. 


We know there are many ways to nourish your body. Herbs can help, but we know true wellness starts with a solid foundation of good nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress mediation, & more.

Nutrient-dense microgreens are an incredibly delicious way to amp up the therapeutic benefit of the foods you eat every day.

Nature is Medicine.
Handle with care.

We're human hands-on all the way.

Grown & Crafted


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