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Meet the Farm

We’re a women-led team devoted to growing & producing high quality, wildly potent, & beautiful medicinal herbs, functional foods, & herbal products utilizing regenerative organic practices on our farm less than 30 minutes outside of Asheville, NC.

Today, we consider ourselves pretty damn lucky to steward a 6-acre permaculture-designed farm that includes:

  • a 1-acre grow devoted to medicinal herbs, some perennial food crops, & edible flowers;
  • an outdoor mushroom “garden;”
  • a couple of young ½-acre forest gardens;
  • a 60’ high tunnel;
  • a small veggie garden for our amazing farmers;
  • & a small flock of chickens & a few unruly farm dogs to keep us in line.
tulsi in bloom with high tunnel in the background
medicinal herbs growing in a row-cropped field

Little farm. Big dreams.

Our High Hopes & Big Dreams

We’re so proud to be a part of a growing number of small organic medicinal herb farms trying to make high quality, potent, delicious, & beautiful medicines more accessible.

Our Mission Is:

To help increase access to high quality, wildly potent, & beautiful medicinal herbs, functional foods, & herbal products grown & made responsibly & respectfully within our local community & beyond.

black sun graphic on white background

To help expand the perception of herbalism beyond just using herbs to how nourishing a deeper relationship with plants can benefit your whole being & every aspect of your life, from your medicine cabinet to your plate to the spaces you spend time in & more.

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To build a nourishing, fun, & profitable employee-led business that’s of value & service to both people & planet.

a colorful assortment of fresh-picked edible flowers
fresh harvested chamomile flowers in a chamomile rake
fresh picked calendula flowers

Good medicine comes from healthy soil.

“Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots.”


Why Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is not a specific practice itself. Rather, it employs the use a variety of sustainable agriculture techniques in combination. 

It places focus on a conservation & rehabilitation approach to food & farming systems, topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving water cycles, supporting carbon sequestration, increasing resilience to climate change, & strengthening the health & vitality of farm soil. 

We’re 100% committed to regenerative organic practices & building soil health. 

Here’s how:

  • We’re entirely a no-till kinda deal. Maintaining the natural & highly intelligent structure of the soil is better for us, the plants, & the planet.
  • We uphold no-till practices for these benefits:
    • Less soil erosion
    • Less soil compaction
    • Increased soil fertility
    • Increased carbon sequestration
    • Less time & labor inputs needed in the long run as we learn to work alongside nature & not against it
  • We use crop rotation & companion planting vs. monocropping improve soil health, optimize nutrients in the soil, & stay on top of pest & weed pressure.
  • We broadfork, chop & drop, compost on farm, apply compost teas, mulch like our lives depend on it, & pull every damn weed by hand or hoe.
  • We never use synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides of any kind.
hands in garden gloves holding a handful of dirt and earthworms
baskets full of colorful fresh harvested edible flowers and medicinal herbs
basket of fresh harvested nettle leaf

Newsworthy & fresh off the farm.

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